Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Big & Little Diamond Sisters: Gina & Jacqueline


This year we had our very first Formal Recruitment which was an amazing week for not only the Delta members, but the Alpha Members as well! With recruitment comes the excitement of revealing Big and Little Diamond pairs. A Big Diamond Sister is a Delta Member who is a mentor and helps the Alpha member through the first steps of her membership, as well as any time after. The Little Diamond Sister is a new member.

One of our pairs of Big and Little Diamond sisters is Gina Marinelli and Jacqueline Angel. Gina is a sophomore from Pennsylvania who came home to Alpha Delta Pi as a founding member last fall. When asked why Gina wanted to take on the challenge of being a Big Diamond Sister, she said, “I wanted to be her eyes and ears of the sorority. I wanted her to come to me with any questions she had and to be her mentor through the whole process... And I’m obsessed with her! Haha.” Her Little Diamond Sister is Jacqueline, a freshman from Virginia who joined this fall.  These two sisters had not met during recruitment. The first time they met was on bid day, when Gina was announced as Jacqueline’s Big Violet Sister (another mentor that is there for the Alpha as soon as they become a member). Jacqueline said on bid day she was, “excited and a little nervous” but happy when she found out Gina was her Violet Sister.

Soon after, matching for Big and Little Diamond Sisters began. I asked the two sisters why they thought they were a good match for each other, Gina’s response was, “We clicked right away. I don’t know what it was but we immediately got along.” Jacqueline said, “I am comfortable around her and I love hanging out with her. I think she’s really funny and I wanted to keep getting to know her!” Lastly I asked the girls to describe their relationship/friendship now that they have had more time to get to know each other and spend more time together.  “We’re super close. I feel like she’s actually my little sister, haha”, Gina says. And as for Jacqueline, her response was just the same reason Gina wanted to become a Big Diamond Sister, “I can go to her for advice or if I have a problem, and I can trust her.” I think this Big and Little Diamond pair truly shows how bonded our sisterhood is, and the matching could not have been more perfect!

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