Monday, October 28, 2013

Big & Little Diamond Sisters: Madison & Daria

This fall, the Theta Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi had the privilege to experience formal recruitment for the first time. After recruitment was over, particular delta members in the chapter were matched with an alpha member to take on the role as a big diamond sister.

This year, I decided not to take a diamond sister because I did not feel as if I was ready to mentor a new member. However, my roommate, Madison, was more than ready to take on the role, and I knew her little diamond would love having her. Madison was paired with freshman alpha member, Daria. After watching their relationship blossom over the semester, I cannot wait to take on the role as a big diamond sister next year. Madison and Daria exemplify a loving, caring, and exciting relationship. The two sisters are inseparable. I love how Madison and Daria care for each other under any circumstance.

I have an older sister at home, and I know what it is like to have a great mentor and someone who is always there for me. Madison takes her position as a big diamond seriously and from observing them together, I can see Daria appreciates having Madison in her life.

Madison and Daria truly live for one another, and their relationship is a perfect example of great diamond sister love.

- Paige L (Sophomore Delta sister)

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