Monday, November 4, 2013

Ashley's "Aha" Moment

    Ashley (left) and Kelly (right) 
Sister Ashley discusses her “Aha” moment which is when she knew Alpha Delta Pi was the right home for her:

The moment I knew that ADPi was right for me was when I participated in hands for Greek Sing. Of course there were moments before that where I thought 'these girls are great' or 'I am so happy I am here', but practicing almost every day for hands really brought me close with many girls.

Some nights were hard and stressful, but we were also able to joke about it and know the more we practiced the better we would be. Everyone was really helpful with critiques and we became closer during the process.  The day of Greek Sing we had to practice for a few hours and I came late because of class. One of our sisters, Kelly, stepped right up and braided my hair for me with little time left. We were all so excited to perform and as we were lined up to go on stag everyone started chanting 'ADPi'. I felt extremely proud to be a part of a wonderful group of girls and no matter what the outcome of Greek Sing was I was so glad that I participated in hands :) Featured below is the video of our performance.

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