Monday, November 4, 2013

ADPi crafts for the fall and winter seasons

With our amazing Alpha’s are soon-to-become Delta members, why not welcome our newest Delta class with some adorable DIY crafts, all prepared with lots of pi-love!  These crafts are perfect for your violet and/or diamond sister and are guaranteed to put a smile on any sister’s face! 

These precious pumpkins are sure to spice up any sister’s dorm room or apartment.  For those who are not skilled in carving, painting a pumpkin in traditional azure blue or white makes for perfect ADPi-themed fall décor.

Protect your hair from the harsh winter winds in the valley with an adorable ADPi hat!  A hot glue gun and rhinestones make for a quick and easy bedazzled cap!  Some fabric paint markers make for easy crafting if stitching is not your forte.  Baseball caps and hats are an easy and comfortable way to show Alpha Delta Pi Pride.

‘Tis the season to make a perfect handmade ornament for the start of the holiday season!  If you are not a professional Lilly print painter, you can mod-podge your favorite design or print onto a clear ornament.  These little ornaments will make any                                                       sister’s heart grow three sizes bigger.

These are easy crafts that are sure to please.  Hopefully these crafts fuel your creativity and inspire future crafting parties with sisters!

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