Monday, November 4, 2013

ADPi crafts for the fall and winter seasons

With our amazing Alpha’s are soon-to-become Delta members, why not welcome our newest Delta class with some adorable DIY crafts, all prepared with lots of pi-love!  These crafts are perfect for your violet and/or diamond sister and are guaranteed to put a smile on any sister’s face! 

These precious pumpkins are sure to spice up any sister’s dorm room or apartment.  For those who are not skilled in carving, painting a pumpkin in traditional azure blue or white makes for perfect ADPi-themed fall d├ęcor.

Protect your hair from the harsh winter winds in the valley with an adorable ADPi hat!  A hot glue gun and rhinestones make for a quick and easy bedazzled cap!  Some fabric paint markers make for easy crafting if stitching is not your forte.  Baseball caps and hats are an easy and comfortable way to show Alpha Delta Pi Pride.

‘Tis the season to make a perfect handmade ornament for the start of the holiday season!  If you are not a professional Lilly print painter, you can mod-podge your favorite design or print onto a clear ornament.  These little ornaments will make any                                                       sister’s heart grow three sizes bigger.

These are easy crafts that are sure to please.  Hopefully these crafts fuel your creativity and inspire future crafting parties with sisters!

Ashley's "Aha" Moment

    Ashley (left) and Kelly (right) 
Sister Ashley discusses her “Aha” moment which is when she knew Alpha Delta Pi was the right home for her:

The moment I knew that ADPi was right for me was when I participated in hands for Greek Sing. Of course there were moments before that where I thought 'these girls are great' or 'I am so happy I am here', but practicing almost every day for hands really brought me close with many girls.

Some nights were hard and stressful, but we were also able to joke about it and know the more we practiced the better we would be. Everyone was really helpful with critiques and we became closer during the process.  The day of Greek Sing we had to practice for a few hours and I came late because of class. One of our sisters, Kelly, stepped right up and braided my hair for me with little time left. We were all so excited to perform and as we were lined up to go on stag everyone started chanting 'ADPi'. I felt extremely proud to be a part of a wonderful group of girls and no matter what the outcome of Greek Sing was I was so glad that I participated in hands :) Featured below is the video of our performance.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Big & Little Diamond Sisters: Madison & Daria

This fall, the Theta Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi had the privilege to experience formal recruitment for the first time. After recruitment was over, particular delta members in the chapter were matched with an alpha member to take on the role as a big diamond sister.

This year, I decided not to take a diamond sister because I did not feel as if I was ready to mentor a new member. However, my roommate, Madison, was more than ready to take on the role, and I knew her little diamond would love having her. Madison was paired with freshman alpha member, Daria. After watching their relationship blossom over the semester, I cannot wait to take on the role as a big diamond sister next year. Madison and Daria exemplify a loving, caring, and exciting relationship. The two sisters are inseparable. I love how Madison and Daria care for each other under any circumstance.

I have an older sister at home, and I know what it is like to have a great mentor and someone who is always there for me. Madison takes her position as a big diamond seriously and from observing them together, I can see Daria appreciates having Madison in her life.

Madison and Daria truly live for one another, and their relationship is a perfect example of great diamond sister love.

- Paige L (Sophomore Delta sister)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Big & Little Diamond Sisters: Gina & Jacqueline


This year we had our very first Formal Recruitment which was an amazing week for not only the Delta members, but the Alpha Members as well! With recruitment comes the excitement of revealing Big and Little Diamond pairs. A Big Diamond Sister is a Delta Member who is a mentor and helps the Alpha member through the first steps of her membership, as well as any time after. The Little Diamond Sister is a new member.

One of our pairs of Big and Little Diamond sisters is Gina Marinelli and Jacqueline Angel. Gina is a sophomore from Pennsylvania who came home to Alpha Delta Pi as a founding member last fall. When asked why Gina wanted to take on the challenge of being a Big Diamond Sister, she said, “I wanted to be her eyes and ears of the sorority. I wanted her to come to me with any questions she had and to be her mentor through the whole process... And I’m obsessed with her! Haha.” Her Little Diamond Sister is Jacqueline, a freshman from Virginia who joined this fall.  These two sisters had not met during recruitment. The first time they met was on bid day, when Gina was announced as Jacqueline’s Big Violet Sister (another mentor that is there for the Alpha as soon as they become a member). Jacqueline said on bid day she was, “excited and a little nervous” but happy when she found out Gina was her Violet Sister.

Soon after, matching for Big and Little Diamond Sisters began. I asked the two sisters why they thought they were a good match for each other, Gina’s response was, “We clicked right away. I don’t know what it was but we immediately got along.” Jacqueline said, “I am comfortable around her and I love hanging out with her. I think she’s really funny and I wanted to keep getting to know her!” Lastly I asked the girls to describe their relationship/friendship now that they have had more time to get to know each other and spend more time together.  “We’re super close. I feel like she’s actually my little sister, haha”, Gina says. And as for Jacqueline, her response was just the same reason Gina wanted to become a Big Diamond Sister, “I can go to her for advice or if I have a problem, and I can trust her.” I think this Big and Little Diamond pair truly shows how bonded our sisterhood is, and the matching could not have been more perfect!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sister Spotlight: Christina

Christina Litchfield is definitely one to be recognized as an admirable ADPi! Christina is a sophomore Health Sciences major and is putting forth a tremendous amount of effort with her classes this year. As any JMU student knows, taking chemistry isn’t all that easy… well apparently, hard work pays off! Christina has been doing an excellent job by achieving all B’s and above on her exams! You go girl!

As an active Delta member of Alpha Delta Pi, Christina is the Black Diamond Ball Chair. She’s been a huge help to our social chair by helping planning this extravagant event! She has also been open to suggestions for this event from sisters so that everyone can be involved too!

Christina multitasks her social and academic lives by attending ADPi study hours to keep up with schoolwork and she has done a wonderful job balancing everything!

As said by one of her sisters, “Christina is an all around great sister who puts
extra effort into everything she has been doing lately.”

Thanks for everything you’ve done Christina; we’re definitely lucky to have
you as an ADPi!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sister Spotlight: Allison

            Everybody knows Allison for her amazing voice that fills ADPi events with love and her happy demeanor. We are lucky to name her our Music Chair and Greek Sing Coordinator. She has being doing a lot of the planning and behind the scenes work for Greek Sing.

            Allison is a Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) major with music and exceptional education non-teaching minors. She is extremely passionate about being a speech pathologist. She cannot wait to work with kids and adults in a hospital setting. She also wishes to use her music minor to help clients, ‘find their voice’ since most of them will not be able to communicate normally.

            Her background and involvement in JMU Chorale and JMU's Treble Chamber Choir makes her the perfect candidate for her positions in ADPi. She is also an active member in the JMU community.  She was chosen for TCC to be a section leader for the Alto 2's where she holds weekly to bi-weekly outside practice sessions for the girls in her section.  This way they are allotted extra time to practice their music.  

            She is also involved in JMU’s intervarsity, is in the honors program, and will be going on a study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain this summer.  She is a volunteer at the Rise House where she is a mentor for the girls who come every other Friday night to do different activities and crafts. As if she doesn’t already have enough on her plate, she additionally volunteers at RMH.

            In her small amount of free time she loves spending time with her family and friends, singing, dancing, and acting! She also loves do indoor and outdoor activities like soccer, swimming, and hiking. Thank you so much for all you do for not only ADPi, but for your community Allison.  You are truly an inspiration and someone that makes a difference in everything that you do!

Monday, March 25, 2013

We are happy to announce that we will have our own place to call home in Fall 2013!